New Thing #3: A New Market Experience

Findlay Market is a Cincinnati original. It’s a historic landmark (literally). And, it’s awesome.

It’s not just a farmer’s market (though there is a seasonal farmer’s market during the warmer months outside of the main market) but it is a Mecca of locally-owned stores, small restaurants, family-owned butchers, bakers and dairies, and fresh-made pasta, gelato and crepes… it’s nearly endless!

The best part of all this variety is, for people like me, you can always find new things to try and potentially love!

In the two and a half years I’ve lived in the Cincinnati area (the past year and a half being in the city limits), I’ve only ever gone to Findlay Market on the weekend when it’s at its craziest: all the vendors are open, there are people everywhere, the parking situation is a nightmare, and there are usually special events going on (kid’s ice cream eating contest, chili cook-offs, puppy adoptions, etc.). Today after work, however, I knew I needed to get fresh produce and other things for dinner for the next couple of days. Findlay Market, being on my way home, was the obvious choice even though I left work an hour after I’d have planned or wanted to!

For just over $16 I got…

  • one bag of bay leaves ($1)
  • two fresh, vegetarian-fed, free-range, hormone-free boneless skinless chicken breasts ($3.90)
  • one head of organic baby butter lettuce ($1.50)
  • one bag of local, organic green beans ($1.50)
  • one huge organic cucumber ($2)
  • one fresh, locally-made asian tofu veggie wrap ($3.75)

Yeah, I got the wrap on a bit of an impulse (I guess I have to work on that resolution a bit more) but since I was going to be getting home later than usual, I didn’t want to cook. The boyfriend was going to have leftovers anyway, so a pre-made (and delicious, might I add!) wrap sounded perfectly fine to me!

So, today’s new thing is simple, probably obvious to most, but eye-opening to me: visiting the market isn’t limited to to doing so on the weekend! During the week there are fewer vendors, but the parking is abundant and lots of times you can get deals on things because some of the vendors that are open that day are starting to break down their areas. When they want to get rid of their stuff, the prices drop!

Over the weekend I had bought some home-made madras curry powder mix from Colonel De Herbs & Spices, so tomorrow I plan on doing something new with it and the chicken breasts… stay tuned!


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