On The Road Again

Well, actually I’ll be mostly in the air again.

Business travel, business travel, business travel! It’s been taking over my life lately. I used to work in a department at work for which I never had to travel; now I travel about 80% of the time since starting to work in a new department.

My first three weeks were in Japan, and since coming back to the good ol’ U-S-of-A in early November, I’ve either been on vacation (Thanksgiving, Christmas/Chanukah) or off to Indiana, central Kentucky, or – as of tomorrow – Texas. Not long after I get back, I’m off to Kentucky again. Crazy!

But, all is not lost. I’ll be trying lots of new things in a new city: San Antonio. I’ve been to San Antonio once to see The Alamo with my parents many, many years ago, but I haven’t gone back. My brother lives in Austin, but we haven’t really ventured outside of that city (which is an awesome one, by the way!) when I’d visit.

The fun thing about going to TX is that I may be able to see my brother for the first time in far too long. I’ll be seeing the Alamo, Riverwalk, maybe the Astrodome (if only from the outside)… basically I want to cram in as much as possible during my short time there! Believe me, my camera will be in tow.

So, this is just a warning to the few of you who even know this blog exists: for the next few weeks I’ll probably primarily be posting photos with a small blurb from my phone… and that’s pretty much it! I hope it will be more than that, but we’ll see!


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