New Thing #7: New Market

So much for only posting photos with a blurb, eh? Honestly, I haven’t had time to take many photos! I’ve been at the (Texas) office for about 11 hours every day and have a 25 minute drive (each way) on top of that. Yesterday I decided to go to a grocery store so I don’t spend tons of money on lunches at the office, but that resulted in me hitting rush-hour side-road traffic, which was awful!

Oh, Texas… looks like your drivers and traffic are just as awful as Ohio’s!

I was on the hunt for a Whole Foods Market or a Trader Joe’s, but my Yelp app recommended a place I’d never heard of. Well, thanks to Yelp (once again), I ended up discovering a gem, which brings me to today’s new thing: Central Market.

This place seriously puts Whole Foods to shame. When I lived in Boston, I’d only go to Whole Foods for their hot food bar, fresh sushi, produce, and bakery – not general groceries. If I lived in San Antonio, I’d do all of my shopping here and enjoy their fresh, local produce, dairy, meats, hot food bar, sushi, bakery… everything!

Their hot food section is to Whole Foods’ as an 80-inch HDTV is to a calculator-watch. Same with their bakery… and dairy section… and sushi… and local produce…! It’s eye-opening, jaw-dropping, and endless fun to just wander through. In addition to all of the fresh stuff, they have food samples all over the place. I didn’t try anything, but it all smelled wonderful!

One thing that caught my eye that I’d never had before was fresh-made juices!


I got three 16-ounce bottles (they were on sale if you buy 3 or more!): one green juice, one apple-orange-beet, and the one pictured above – apple-lemon-ginger. I’m not a huge ginger fan (in fact, I avoid it when I can!) but this was pretty good. I couldn’t finish it because it was very, very ginger-y, but it totally woke up my senses bright and early in the work day today!


For shy of $40, I got…

  • 3 16-ounce bottles of fresh juice
  • 2 local Texas oranges
  • 1 fresh-made sushi roll
  • 1 fresh-made spring roll
  • 3 boxes of fresh, dehydrated veggie chips
  • 1 small wedge of horseradish cheddar cheese from Wisconsin

Overall a good buy and everything is delicious so far! I can only dream of having a Central Market near me someday! *drool*

My hotel has a complimentary happy hour that also includes food (yesterday was hot dogs and chili). I haven’t eaten any of the food yet because on Monday night I met up with my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew and they treated me to dinner, and last night I wanted to experience the San Antonio Riverwalk, which I happily did.

I’m writing this on Tuesday night (having just gotten home from dinner) so I don’t know what’s in store Wednesday, but I hope to get back to downtown early enough to see the Alamo!

More on that when it happens.

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