My Latest Intrigue

I’ve heard the term “CrossFit” around the fitness world — stories in the running magazines I read, photos on Facebook of friends in CrossFit classes, and most recently in Reebok commercials on TV. But… what is it??

As usual, Google had the answer! CrossFit is apparently a fitness class that’s sweeping the nation. It seems to be a very military-style workout where you incorporate a lot of different drills in an hour workout. It’s basically circuit-training to the extreme, from what I could tell!

Now, it’s not cheap. In Cincinnati, which is definitely not a big city by any means, the monthly fee for unlimited CrossFit classes is $150… that’s more than my car insurance! In New York City, obviously the largest in the US, it’s really not that much more expensive at $200 per month. I’d think that like everything else, it’d be mind-blowingly pricier to do this kind of thing in the good ol’ NYC, but I guess I’m wrong. (One of the gyms even will do a $999 up-front price for 6 months of unlimited classes, which lowers the monthly bill to about $167, only $17 more than Cincinnati’s! They even do “friendly competitions” and social dinners, all included in the price!)

I’m no stranger to gym memberships or fitness classes. I was once a 15-hour-a-week gym rat, doing Spinning classes at least 3 times a week, Zumba once a week, and other random cardio or circuit-training classes whenever I was in the mood to do so. I stopped going to the gym because the idea of driving 15 minutes to a smelly, hot, humid building to sweat lost its appeal to me. Why not exercise for free by running, climbing stairs at a stadium down the block from my apartment, doing free fitness videos online in my living room, etc.?

So, instead of paying $20/month, driving a half-hour round-trip, sanitizing my hands between machines, waiting in line for a treadmill, and hoping nobody breaks into my locker, I’ve spent maybe a total of $150 out-of-pocket on random, cheap equipment: resistance bands, a couple of dumbbells, and most recently a kettlebell (which came with a free DVD). I’ve also gotten many gifts from family and friends for holidays and birthdays that have added to my little home apartment gym: a stationary bike, a yoga mat, ankle weights, running shoes, DVDs, a jump rope… and, best yet, I can do all of these things in my apartment or in my neighborhood!

But… I really like the idea of CrossFit! I hope that wherever the boy and I end up moving to next (NYC? Boston? NJ? San Diego?), I can save my pennies and join CrossFit. (Hey, the aforementioned NYC location has a deal that two members can join for $300 total per month, a $100 savings… maybe I can convince the boy to do it with me!)

Do any of you do Crossfit? What do you think?


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