Birthday Ice Cream

Friday was the boyfriend’s 27th birthday, and he didn’t want a gift. As a lover of gift-giving, it was hard for me to exactly obey this! I enjoy cooking and baking for him (and others, including me, of course!) so I knew that making him a birthday meal or dessert would be in order, and not exactly breaking his no-gift wish… right?

The guy eats very basic things, as I’ve mentioned once or twice, and most of it is that of a college kid (or younger… haha!): pasta with sauce, hamburgers, pizza, the occasional salad (consisting of nothing more than lettuce, cucumber, and ranch dressing), peanut butter sandwiches… you get the idea, yeah?

One of the meals that’s easiest for me to make for him while still being able to be creative is dessert. A new brownie recipe, not from a box. A cookie with a random assortment of mix-ins from our pantry. Cupcakes, bars, or cakes from a recipe I found online. As long as there isn’t any fruit in it, he’ll eat it. (As a fruit-lover, I’m still not over the fact he won’t touch a single, solitary fruit. What a weirdo I fell in love with, huh?!)

Knowing that I love to cook, and also knowing that at least half of the things I cook in our kitchen can be eaten by him, the boy got me the ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer for this past Chanukah. I’ve made a batch of chocolate chip ice cream with it already and though it was delicious, it wasn’t made the hard way: custard. I can be lazy at times, so when I saw that most of the ice cream recipes out there require the base to be cooked over heat, then cooled for at least 8 hours, I simply thought, “Helllll no! That’s too much time! I want ice cream now!”

Well, my boyfriend is worth the preparation.

I’d been holding onto this recipe for a while, because it contains my boyfriend’s favorite flavor combination: chocolate and peanut butter. Seriously, this guy goes ga-ga over the stuff. I knew this would be a winner, and it was. Though I used regular cocoa powder and not Dutch processed, it was plenty rich! The texture was so creamy, it puts my quickly-made vanilla to shame. I’m not even a fan of chocolate, but you’d better believe that I licked the beaters clean… and scraped the ice cream maker bowl clean…! Give this recipe a try; you won’t be disappointed!

So, we stayed in. I made the base the day before his big day. I threw it in my machine, chopping two dozen peanut butter cups while it churned. We ordered pizza delivery from our favorite place. We got a DVD from Redbox and plopped on the sofa while the quart and a half of frozen confection froze. Then… it was birthday time.

Happy birthday, love.


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