T-Minus 18 Days

For the first time in my [albeit somewhat short] professional career, I’m putting in my 2-weeks notice. Well, I’m not doing it today (although I’d like to!); rather, I’m doing so on Tuesday – the day I get back from a 3-day Memorial Day weekend.

It’s so strange. I never feel like I’m one of those golden, indispensable employees-of-the-month types, but I am happy to say that I received job offers from the only two jobs I interviewed for. (Sure, I applied to over 2 dozen jobs and only ended up with 2 interviews… but I choose to ignore that statistic!) I don’t mean to sound pompous, but I’m allowed to be proud of myself once in a while! (Believe me, it doesn’t happen often.) I’m sort of in-demand!

Well, this whole thing is the motivation to start this blog. I’ve had so many other blogs about specific things (usually food or fitness) but this time I’m going to talk about one thing: life. Mine is changing right now for the gazillionth time, and that’s what makes life so interesting: every day is like Day One.

I’m growing increasingly nervous about giving my two-weeks notice; as I mentioned, I’ve never had to do this kind of thing before. I’ve left jobs, but not like this. Leaving my high school Dunkin Donuts job when I was leaving for college doesn’t even compare to this.

I’m told that my work is difficult and important, although I’m not entirely convinced that it is. Regardless, I do have lots of it to do, which will all be handed off to my two unsuspecting coworkers and my very, very unsuspecting supervisor in a mere 18 days. (I feel very bad for the the former… not so much for the latter… but I’ll get into that in a future post, I’m sure.)

18 days. That’s when I will be “escorted” out of the building. (They apparently have to do that here, and I’m not entirely sure why.) I’ll hand in my badge and be done with this place. It’s not all that bad… well, at least it wasn’t until about 5 months ago… but, again, I’ll get into that in a future post!

There is so much to do in the next 18 days, too. Like, an honestly ridiculous amount. We need to pack, pack, pack, and pack some more. We need to clean the place so we will get our deposit back. We need to make sure that both of our cars are tuned up for the long drive from Cincinnati to Boston. We need to sort through what will be stored and what will be put in our cars for the move to our temporary housing. (Shall I call it half-way housing? Maybe?) Boyfriend needs to keep job-hunting so we can have two incomes for the first time in two years. His mom and brother are visiting for his graduation (in exactly 2 weeks from today), so we have the joy of preparing for that.

The good thing is we have still been pretty productive. Boyfriend and I started packing this past weekend but are having difficulty selling the things we don’t want to bring with us. (You’d think living around a dozen fraternity and sorority houses would mean somebody would want a hardwood poker table and 40 pieces of bar glassware and accessories!) I finally reserved our PODS moving box.  (Of course packing all of our crap in the thing will be an all-day process, I’m sure.) I think we’re doing okay.

I’ve always been considered pretty eclectic, ever-changing, and off-the-wall, so changes are fun to me… but I am still looking forward to the settling-down part!

18 days away. That’s it.


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