A Lesson Learned

Well, color me relieved!

Yesterday I gave my two-weeks notice to my manager (my supervisor’s boss) at my current job. In my head, I envisioned it going something like this:

Me: “I’m sorry to tell you this, but I’m going to be resigning from my position on June 11th.”
Him: “WTF? Just nine months ago you were begging me for this job!”
Me: “I know… I’m sorry, but this is what is best for me and my boyfriend.”
Him: “Do you realize how under-staffed we’re going to be now??!”
Me: “Again, I’m sorry. We just have to think about what’s better for our future.”
Him: “Just WAIT until I tell your supervisor!”
Me: *whimper*

Luckily, it went a lot smoother. He congratulated me and shook my hand. I sent an email to my supervisor, who is traveling for the next 3 weeks for work, but I have yet to get a reply. Regardless if she has anything to say to me about it or not, everything is underway between me, my manager, and human resources.

I learned that, yet again, my mind is my worst enemy and blows every situation out of proportion. I should have known that nothing truly bad could happen from something like this. In truth, my manager is probably pretty disappointed and wondering how this group will work with one less person when we’re already so, so busy. In the end, you have to think about what’s best for you and all of the great, awesome things that are going to happen soon!

Two weeks from today I’m going to be on the road between our halfway point (upstate New York) to our final destination: the greater Boston area. My favorite city in the US. The place where I spent the greatest, most fun, most memorable years of my “adult” life. The place where my boyfriend and I first met. We’ll get a home (when we have the money…) and a dog (when we have the home…). We’ll be closer to family and our old friends.

All is good. I shouldn’t have expected less!


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