One Week to Go

During our weekly staff meeting yesterday, my manager announced my departure to the rest of our group. Most of them knew about it already (thanks to a very open-mouthed coworker!) but it was still awkward for me. But, channeling every ounce of maturity I could gather, I just sat there and nodded when the few surprised faces looked my way. Oh, well. I baked a delicious dessert and brought it in yesterday to lessen the blow!

My last day in the office is exactly one week from today, I move the next day… and I still don’t know where our new apartment is! I know that my new employer is providing me a furnished apartment, and I know in which town the complex is… but, aside from those things, I am pretty much clueless. Patience will only get me so far… I’m moving in eight days, for crying out loud! Ugh.

In other news, our current apartment is looking more and more like a labrynth of cardboard as the days go on. For good karma, some of the boxes and bags do contain clothes and food we are going to donate. I’ve somewhat attempted to cook as much of our food as possible, but we want to eat at restaurants we haven’t tried yet (and those we will miss) during our last days in Cincinnati; for that reason, we’re happily getting rid of the surprisingly abundant amount of unopened food items, giving them to those more in need than we.

One of the more eye-opening moments of our packing/cleaning/cooking extravaganza happened yesterday when we were tackling the bedroom. By the time we leave here, I’d have been in this apartment for nearly two years (the dear boyfriend, who shall be referred to as DB, for just a few months less than me), and never in that time have we vacuumed under our bed.


I wish I was kidding, but unfortunately I’m not. We moved the bed yesterday and were greeted by dust bunnies nearly 9 inches in diameter, 2-year-old untouched school planners (not mine!), receipts, socks (not mine!), pens, price tags from clothes (mine…), and all sorts of junk that had accumulated over the years. It was pretty disgusting and showed us the ugly truth: we don’t clean enough. We both agree that we need to work on this, and hopefully we do!

Not only do we have our impending big move knocking on our door, but DB’s mother and brother are visiting us in a mere 2 days (the same day that our PODS storage unit is arriving) for his graduation on Friday. After they leave, as if I don’t have enough going on, I’m hosting a grill-out at a local park for all of my friends on Sunday. This week is just a whirlwind of craziness, but in due time it will settle down, I’m sure.

Two days until we pack our storage unit. Three days until DB’s graduation. Four days until my grill-out. Seven days until my last day. Eight days until we begin our move. Ten days until we finally arrive in our new apartment. Thirteen days until my first day of work at my new job.




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