A Good Morning

Yesterday started off a little bit rough. I was running late to work and when I arrived, I saw my General Manager (boss’ boss’ boss’ boss) for the first time since I gave my resignation. He’s a really good guy – funny, a true “people person”, diplomatic – so I figured I’d approach him at his desk and make small-talk about my move, expecting the same half-hearted congratulations I’ve been getting from others.

By the end of our conversation, however, I felt awful. He didn’t even say the passive-aggressive things other people had been telling me: something along the lines of, “Well, you’ve got to go where live takes you. There’s never a good time to leave a job.” He never wished me luck and told me he won’t be able to go to my goodbye lunch. The conversation closed with a, “Well, I’ll see you around.” Now I know why earlier that morning he was walking around my group’s cubicles but never stopped in mine.

I felt that a bridge had been burned, which was the one thing I didn’t want to do. But, as this blog post title hints, the morning got much, much better.

About 10 minutes after my awkward, unsatisfying talk with my General Manager, the Vice President of my division (boss’ boss’ boss’ boss’ boss) came to my desk and made me feel absolutely, 100000% awesome. Unlike my General Manager, the VP is somewhat monotonous in his speaking tone, isn’t much of a conversationalist, and I’ve only ever spoken to him in formal meetings to get his signature or in volunteer activities we both happened to be at. (He even drove me to one volunteer event in his gorgeous luxury car!) Despite all of this, I doubted that someone so high up in a company, reigning over 500+ people in my department alone, would even know who I am.

Well, apparently he does.

He said, “I heard that you’ve resigned. I’m so sorry to see you go.” He continued to tell me how he’s enjoyed how involved I’ve been in volunteer activities and thanked me for the work I’ve done for the groups in which I’ve worked. By the end of it, he shook my hand, told me that if life takes me back to this area to let him know, and said that I’d be welcomed back.

The best part? He was being genuine in what he said; I could see it in his eyes. He looked at me differently than my boss, my General Manager, and even my coworkers… it was just… different. I definitely appreciated it, and it brightened up my mood immediately. Lesson learned: in big companies, you can feel small; however, there’s bound to be one person who truly feels you’ve had an impact.

By the time this entry is posted (I draft, then schedule my posts to be entered at certain times), our PODS storage unit will be in front of our apartment and DB will be packing it up. Not only has packing been halted due to our box labyrinth proving to be an obstacle, but we need floorspace for the air mattress we’ll be sleeping on for the next two nights while DB’s mother and brother are in town. I anticipate hope that I will come home to a more open living space, although we’ll only be living in it for less than 6 days.

Goal: have the storage unit completely packed by Monday night. (I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope…)


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