Looks Like We’ve Made It (So Far…)

One week ago, I was waking up to a bright-as-hell morning in Massachusetts for the first time in over four years. The day before, DB and I had finally finished our 800-mile journey from Cincinnati to New England without any issues whatsoever (aside from gas prices, that is). We’re here. We’ve made it.


Monday was my first day at the new job and so far it is pretty spectacular. I went from working in a global conglomerate that operated like a well-oiled machine and provided little employee satisfaction/gratitude/etc.; now, on the other hand, I’m working for a private, semi-start-up company of less than 400 employees that has little to no standardization at all. It’s a breath of fresh air, and at the same time I feel almost like I’m being reckless here.

You mean to say I don’t have to get 57 and a half signatures before accomplishing a portion of a task? I can wear jeans? Coffee is free? We are getting an extra day off in August “just because”? I don’t have to plead my case to get an upgrade-able plane ticket just to use my own miles, because we actually automatically get business class seats for air travel? (And I get to keep the miles I earned, you say?) You trust us enough to not block flash player, adobe acrobat, and java applications from our web browser? I can print in color? MADNESS!!!

In all seriousness, I’m thrilled with my new job. The people are nice, helpful, and smart; the work allows me to be creative and think outside the box; I get to tap into my developed interest in consumers and marketing. As usual, I’m failing at learning everyone’s names, but those who I have met have been very welcoming to me. It’s all good so far!

Living-wise, things are just okay. As if the lingering odor of dog and poor cleaning products isn’t bad enough, the one window air conditioner in the living room isn’t exactly enough to cool a 2-bedroom apartment during New England’s first heat wave of the summer. It’s been in the upper-90s during the day and in the mid-80s during the night, resulting in my sleeping in the living room next to the air conditioner after waking up in a pool of sweat at 2:40am.

We have found an apartment to move in in July, though, and it’s in a pretty great part of Boston. We’re not as close to the T [subway] as I’d hoped to be, but we’re on a bus line and only about a mile from the closest T stop and some really great bars, restaurants, etc. Plus, it’s a pretty cheap place on a dead-end street with a back yard, porch, huge basement for storage, free laundry just for our apartment, a big kitchen, two spots in a driveway, and free street parking. One big negative: no pets allowed. So much for getting a puppy… 😦

There is only one other apartment, and the layout of the two is that of a townhome (side-by-side, rather than upstairs vs. downstairs like traditional multi-family home apartments). Our future neighbors are two male engineers, so we’ll be a home full of enginerds! (On a side-note, it was hilarious listening to our realtor try to tell us that two men live in the other one-bedroom apartment. He stuttered and looked uncomfortable. Sure, they may not be gay, but even if they are, the realtor seemed nervous that we would respond with, “WHAT??!! Two men living together in one bedroom?! I do not want to live in a homosexual brothel, sir! Good day to you!” and storm out. Needless to say, I think our neighbors will get along fine with us!)

To make matters even more awesome, DB and I had dinner with an old college buddy of ours a few days after we returned back to Massachusetts. It was awesome to see him again after so long! Tomorrow we’ll be seeing another friend and her boyfriend for dinner and drinks. I haven’t seen her in even longer, so I’m pretty excited! (And they have a dog! Yay!)

Despite all of the accomplishments achieved and good stuff going on, there’s still so much to do. I can’t change auto insurers until I get my car registered. I can’t get my car registered without getting it inspected and without getting an in-state driver’s license. I can’t get an in-state driver’s license until I can prove residency in Massachusetts. I can’t prove residency until I officially move into our new apartment. Hopefully Saturday we’ll sign the lease and I can get the ball rolling on all of this. I just can’t wait until everything is done once and for all (and for DB to get a job)!


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