Moving from [smelly] temporary housing to our new apartment isn’t the “re-moving” I’m talking about: I’m back in action on my original (uh, sort of…) big blog: [blank] this!

One thing that will be interesting is that now that I’ve ditched the idea of being mostly-vegan (thank you, Wheat Belly Blog… and, don’t hate me, vegans!) I’ve added a new category: eat this PALEO.

I’m not 100% paleo (yet), but I’m definitely close to it. The hardest things for me to limit and eventually give up at this point are:

  • Cheese
  • Ice cream
  • Abundant fruit
  • Corn chips
  • Beans

I was pretty proud of myself yesterday, eating 100% paleo during the work day, but once we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner, I started nomming down on some corn chips. I was so hungry, I couldn’t resist. When my grilled pork arrived, it was mostly fat and the little meat I got didn’t fill me. I wasn’t going to eat the rice or beans, but I was still so starving I ended up eating the whole cup of rice and splatter of refried beans that accompanied my meat.

But, I was still hungry!

That meant one thing: ice cream.

I don’t consider the day ruined; I’m still learning. Tonight I’ll opt to cook myself dinner instead of eating out again! Hah!


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