Five Things I’ve Learned This Week

This week has been nuts. Two off-site all-day work meetings, a trip to the DMV, and unpacking like crazy… it feels a bit incessant and out-of-control. The good thing is that the more I do now, the less I have to do later, and soon enough it will be all done and we can go on living instead of doing-doing-doing! Also, I’ve take the time not not just breeze through the craziness; instead, I’ve taken note of some important things.

  • I need my GPS when going to work, even though it was just my 3rd week of work! It’s a well-known fact that I have a shitty sense of direction. My boyfriend’s GPS has been my best friend for years, but with his maps being out of date, it has proven to be pretty detrimental to my acquaintance with new surroundings. What should have been a 15 minute drive home one day turned into a half hour drive because I tried doing it on my own, then put the GPS on when I was lost, only to find I had gone two miles in the complete opposite direction! Learning point: keep using the GPS for a while!
  • Beer can be dinner, even if it’s not paleo. At a going away happy-hour earlier this week, I had a beer with coworkers. I had only planned on having that one beer, then having some chicken soup for my meal as to avoid any excessive carb intake that night. Well, the man of the hour bought a round… then another round… so, dinner that night was four Corona Lights. Whoops! However, ever since I’ve been adding a few more carbs to my diet (still not eating bread, pasta, sugar, corn, etc. for now) my body has “regulated” itself, if you catch my drift. So, a beer dinner wasn’t all that bad – I felt great that night and the next day, in fact! As a friend of mine told me: “Beer is just liquid bread.”
  • Costco is great and dangerous. We finally got a Costco membership and used it this morning. I had a list, but like all lists, it wasn’t something that was easily followed! Case and point: the first thing we put in our cart was a new GPS for myself (so my boyfriend can get back his aforementioned outdated one and I have more of a hope not to get lost!), which was definitely not on our list! In the end, we bought about 5 or 6 things that weren’t on our list and spent $420.00 (on the dot!). That number is a bit “ouch!”-worthy, but we won’t have to buy toilet paper, paper towels, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, pasta (for the boy), chicken breasts, Ziplok bags, or spices for a really, really long time! The deals are just incredible! Paper goods were marginally a good deal, but some of the other things were amazing. A huge jar of organic Saigon Cinnamon for $4.79 when I spent that much on a jar 1/4 the size in the store! Over 50 fluid ounces of organic extra virgin olive oil for $9.99 when I spent over $11 on a 20 ounce bottle of non-organic EVOO at the grocery store last time! But, self-control is hard. Next time, we may not be able to say no to the 80″ flat-screen TV…
  • Laughter is great medicine. Sorry for the cliche, but it’s true. This week was pretty long, but things like this video brightened it up when things got tough:

  • Good things come to those who wait… and wait… and wait… FINALLY the boyfriend has a job interview! It’s been just over a month since he graduated with his masters degree, and about two months or so since he first started sending resumes out, but at long last, someone realized how awesome he is. Hopefully this place likes him and he likes them. Fingers will remain crossed all week!

Life is crazy, isn’t it? I can’t wait for everything to simmer down!


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