A Colorful Weekend

I had originally wanted to title this post as something like “Getting Back Into Running, Part I” or something to that effect; however, this race* I did on Sunday was so un-race-like that the running was honestly secondary!

* I use the term “race” loosely here, as I didn’t wear my running watch or keep time at all. I didn’t even look at the clock when I finished so I honestly have no idea what my time was, and even if I did, I wouldn’t care!

Meet Color Me Rad. Like The Color Run and others, it is a 5k run where you get absolutely covered in color-dyed corn starch at a number of points along the route. Not only have I wanted to participate in this kind of event for a while, but I was lucky enough to get a free entry thanks to Yelp Boston’s Elite group!

Side note: I carpooled with a girl to the race and during the drive we discovered that we have mutual friends! She used to be an intern at my former employer (the one I just left for my current job, actually) and not only knew some former coworkers of mine, but because she went to the same school as many of my friends, we have mutual friends that way as well! What a small world!

Anyway, back to how I got radically colored at Color Me Rad Boston…

I’m very, very thankful that I read and followed the suggestion of bringing towels with which to protect your car seat for the ride home! Holy hell, Batman, I was COVERED!!! (Obviously.) What made it so difficult to remove some of the color wasn’t necessarily the dye in the cornstarch, but how some (not all) of the volunteers really pummeled you with the stuff! At the second to last “color station” a girl threw a fist-full of pink powder at my neck, which simply stuck to the sweat on my collar bones, slowly melting and falling into my sports bra. Needless to say, a lot of scrubbing of sensitive areas had to happen. Ugh!

I also helped a little at the Yelp booth, getting people to sign up for our weekly newsletter, check into the race on the mobile app, and give out some goodies. The wrist sweatbands were really helpful, especially for contact-lens-wearers that were getting colored-cornstarch-sweat in their eyes! (Even without contact lenses, I can vouch that the sweaty colored cornstarch definitely doesn’t feel good on your cornea!)

It was hot. It was messy. It was sweaty. It was my longest continuous run of the past 6 months. I showered for nearly 40 minutes when I got home. I had to nap for an hour and a half just to feel human later.

It was awesome!


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