This “Running” Thing

“I’m not a runner; I’m just good at faking it.”

This has been my mantra, saying, and witty remark when people ask me my most dreaded question: “You’re a runner, huh?”

Doctors have asked me this when my blood pressure is low during check-ups. (Once it was 80/56!) Coworkers ask me this when I go for a run or walk during lunch. People whom I’ve recently been introduced to ask me this when we make small-talk about hobbies. I hate that question!

Me, after my first 15K race (a few weeks before my first half-marathon) in 2011.

I’ve only felt a “runners high” once or twice, after long runs with my training group two years ago when I was prepping for my first (and so far only) half-marathon. I didn’t even feel all that happy when I crossed the 13.1 mile finish line that day… only tired! Sure, I’m proud when I finish a long run, but I’m mostly happy that I’m done.

The whole reason why I started running in the first place was because I found walking to be too slow. All I wanted to do was get home faster so I could shower, eat, and relax, and running got me there twice as quickly as walking did!

I’ve posted a few times about running (here, here, and here) so I’ll spare you the deep insight. The point of this post is simple: I’m getting back to it. Now. No excuses!

Being the Queen of Excuses, going at it alone is usually met with failure, but I’ve signed up for an intermediate 10k training program on Map My Run. (Be my friend!) On Monday, I ran 4 miles – my longest continuous run in probably a year. It was supposed to be an “easy” run and although I slowed my pace to a leisurely 10:30/mile I wasn’t feeling too awesome for the last mile or so. I’m thankful a rest day followed it! Unfortunately, after the rest is over, the next run is 5 miles and is described as… well… here’s the reminder e-mail I got this morning:

Intensity: Very Hard

Speed Work develops your top end fitness and your ability to run faster during your Tempo Runs and Long Runs.

After your warm up run 3 x 5 minutes at steady state effort with 2 minutes of easy running between intervals. Finish with 10 minutes or more of easy running to complete distance.

The fact that my “easy” run was pretty hard towards the end is discouraging me. Queen of Excuses may try to take over… but I’m going to try to kick her to the curb as best I can… as I ignore the fact I have a 4 mile run the day after this “hard” run…!


5 thoughts on “This “Running” Thing

    • I suppose so! Still, I feel like to be a true runner, you have to be one of those people who wakes up at 4am and is totally, 100% pumped up to hit the road/trail. I’m not quite there yet… 🙂

    • When I was training for my half-marathon, I had to get up for 7am Saturday morning runs in the dead of winter! As if the snow, sleet, and freezing rain (which all happened in one single morning for a 9-miler) wasn’t discouraging enough, waking up at 6am for that sure was! The good thing about early runs is you get them out of the way and still have the whole day ahead of you; before noon, I’d get breakfast with my running partners, go home, shower, and take a long nap!

      But, if it wasn’t for that group, I would never have woken up so early in those conditions to run! Haha!

      Thanks for your comment and for checking out my blog!

      • Haha! I like to go out after work. There’s no way I’d manage a run and then a full day at work too! Also, I love my snooze button too much to be able to get up early. Maybe one day!

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