Earlier this week, I was pretty excited to have found easy-to-make paleo-friendly cakes. I’ve made microwave “mug cakes” before, but with plenty of flour and sugar… obviously a no-no nowadays!

I’d found two recipes: one that calls for only coconut flour, and a chocolate recipe that calls for a 50-50 mix of coconut and almond flour. With my order of what pretty much every paleo blog I follow calls the best almond flour ever still in transit, I had to go with the coconut flour one.

I made the boy a chocolate mug cake topped with peanut butter and chocolate syrup (yeah, yeah, those last two items are not paleo… but neither is the boy). He said it tasted good but couldn’t eat the bottom of it because it got too dry. I knew coconut flour sucks up moisture like no one’s business, so when I started making my matcha [green tea powder] version, I increased the amount of water.

Well, this brilliant idea resulted in a soggy top after the recommended 2:30 cooking microwave time, so I had to nuke it for an additional minute or so. Nervous that I had dried it out with the extra microwave time, I quickly concocted a blueberry sauce to pour all over it.

Looks good, right? Well, looks aren’t everything…

The gorgeous green cake smelled wonderfully. The blueberry sauce cascaded over top and smelled oh-so-sweet.

The taste? Well…

It was still dry and crumbled as I stuck my fork in it. I took a bite and the flavor was fantastic, but the feel in my mouth was so, so dry. I only ate the parts that the blueberry sauce touched and, honestly, I was full after eating that much of it. This cake is filling! If only it wasn’t so dry.

So, I have no recipe to share. I won’t fool you by posting what I threw in this, but know that I will work on perfecting it and hope to have something to share in due time. I do have some ideas:

  • More fat. I’m fairly sure that if I had used the 50-50 almond flour/coconut flour mix, it would’ve been less dry because of the added fat that nuts have. Coconut oil, nut butters, or coconut “cream” could all be added, I think.
  • More leavening. My boyfriend’s cake rose higher than mine and held together better. I think I added less baking powder to my cake because I was scared that the sodium in it would dry it out, but what I think it needed was more room to rise.
  • Liquid sweetener. The original recipe that I had based mine off of called for maple syrup or raw honey. I used (not-raw) honey in my boyfriend’s but decided to use crystallized coconut sugar in mine because I felt that using maple syrup would darken the light-green color of the matcha in the final product. Maybe it’s time to buy coconut sugar syrup…?

Hopefully with a little trial and error I will be able to give you guys a recipe you will be excited to try. Until then, feel free to comment about any other ideas you may have about mug cakes in general, how to make a cake less dry… and anything else you want! I could use all the help I can get, I think!


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