Getting Down to Business

Holy frijole! (As my mother would say.) This blog thing is really picking up steam lately! This will be a quick post, as I’m on my lunch break and want to go for a walk! So, here’s what’s up.

Check out what you guys are doing to me:

My most popular day, before last week, was way back in late July when I had a whopping 69 (*giggle*) views. Fast-forward to August 15th when my unique visits skyrocketed to 123, shattering the previous record! Whoa, buddy.

First of all, THANK YOU!!! Each and every one of you – first-timers, regular-readers, friends, family… all of you! – had a part in bringing my numbers up. Whether you came from the Mark’s Daily Apple forums, an RSS feed, clicking my name on another blog’s comment, or just browsing the web (because apparently “eggless chocolate ice cream” is a super-popular Google search that results in a crap-load of visits to my site). It’s ridiculously amazing how I went from having a handful of visits from my close friends in the USA to having a hundred unique visits daily from all over the world. (If you’re the reader from South Africa, India, Pakistan or Vietnam, let me know. I’m curious how you found me!)

So, what is happening? Why a blog post about how apparently awesome this place is? Well, I’m going to try to keep it up and keep it going strong! (Cue perverse joke. Go ahead, I don’t blame you.)

Firstly, just before I started typing this up, I created a Facebook page. I honestly have no freaking clue what I’m going to do with it yet, but maybe there will be a giveaway in the near future that you will want to be a part of… hint-hint… so “like” Blank This on Facebook! And tell your friends!

Also, early this morning, I created a Twitter account! At this point, all it will do is automatically post a link each time I create a new blog post. Nothing exciting yet, but as I mentioned… there could be a contest… maybe… so, follow me!

This is all very exciting for me, but enough business. My next post will be back to normal: fitness, food, and fun. Stay tuned!


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