…to the garden!

This past weekend, I did something awesome.

I ate lunch under a weeping willow in the Boston Public Garden.

I woke up Sunday morning knowing I had to do a 4-mile run, but as the cool breeze blew through my bedroom window next to my head, I thought to myself, “This is a perfect day for a bike ride.”

I mapped it out, packed a lunch (hard boiled eggs, bacon, baba gannoush (recipe coming soon!), carrots and an apple), put my Nook into my purse, strapped my picnic blanket to the rack on my bike, and off I went!

It was a ridiculously easy ride, especially in the weather I was given: a cool 68-70 degrees, mostly cloudy, little wind. It’s a pretty flat ride, so I could enjoy the view of the Charles as I rode along. I did miss my turn to get to the garden… which resulted in me having to walk my bike up Beacon Hill (royal pain in the arse!)… but I got there!

I ate lunch next to ducks with their ducklings, a very curious squirrel and, after a while, families with loud children.

The ride back was just as relaxing as the ride there, so much so that I can’t wait to ride there again… next time with the boyfriend in tow! This was also my longest solo bike ride to date: roughly 12 miles!

Where do you bike to most often? Work? Grocery store? Just out and about? I challenge you to change it up and bike, walk, roller-blade, hike, or just wander somewhere new!


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