21-Day Sugar Detox: Week Two Review

Obviously if I posted a week one review, I’m obligated to post a week two review, right? Right. Also, be forewarned: I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I did for for week one. Forgive me!

Day eight was fantastic in so many ways. As I mentioned already, the first thing I did after rolling out of bed was gear up and on a long bike ride to eat a wonderful picnic brunch under a weeping willow in the Boston Public Garden. I spent the afternoon cleaning veggies and making a crock pot dinner. Unfortunately the boyfriend was late in his return, so I ate a nice sugar-free paleo/primal/whatever dinner alone. Gut felt fine. Mind felt fine. Sleep was crappy because my neighbors were playing music ’til 1:30am. Ugh.

Day nine was surprisingly good, especially given the fact that I only got 5 hours of sleep. I did a quick upper body workout in the morning, had a nice reasonable brunch at work (which kept me even fuller than usual!), and enjoyed my “rest day” when I got home. My dinner was huge and really stuffed me up, causing a bit of bloating. (I really really want to know why I’m bloating, even after meals that aren’t heavy. Ugh.) I did another quick upper body workout before bed, as I have a goal of being able to do a pull-up before I die. Again, no tummy troubles, but this time I fell asleep super early.

Day ten – the cusp of the halfway point! I woke up just before my alarm, feeling invigorated. I am pretty sure my sleep is even more awesome than ever lately! I love it! To see if my bloating can be affected by some 21DSD/paleo/primal-friendly foods, I drank a glass of plain kefir in the morning before leaving for work. I don’t know if it helped or hindered, as I felt just as fine as always. Hmm. The rest of the day was spent working with some eating thrown in there. With no meat at home (whoops!) we went out to dinner and although I ate something I swear was fine, I felt icky aftewards: nausea, sour stomach… huge “WTF??” moment. Luckily I fell asleep fine.

Day eleven started much like the previous day: big ol’ cup of kefir; however, this time my stomach was feeling awful just like after last night’s dinner! Because of this, I had no appetite. I ate lunch later than usual, and afterwards I was still uncomfortable. I basically drank water throughout the rest of the work day. I stopped and got essentials at the supermarket (canned coconut milk, seltzer water, beef, sausage, chicken) and by the time I got home I felt a tad better. Dinner was filling, but I had enough room for a few handfuls of newly-acquired coconut chips! Sleep was good, as I passed out promptly at 10:50-something.

On day twelve, I woke up 20 minutes before my alarm, so I lounged around and checked e-mail, Facebook, etc. in bed for a few minutes before doing a quick abs/back workout to the morning news. It was a nice relaxing way to ease myself into the daily grind! For the first time in a week, I was absolutely starving by the time I got to work, so I had a hunk of locally-made cheddar and a small apple with my morning coffee. This held me over way past when I normally eat, and my tummy felt fine all morning. The rest of the day went smoothly as well – no news is good news!

Day thirteen – Friday, woo! – was a short day at the office, so I ate my packed lunch rather early due to a morning-long meeting that I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat during. I came home and did housework, then went to Whole Foods for some eggs… and walked out with ice cream (I won’t eat it until after the 21DSD, and it will be a small, GI-issue-inducing treat!), salami, and a coconut (along with the eggs). Whoops! I cooked a bunch, made dinner, and hung out with the boyfriend. No issues again. Win!

Day fourteen was a big fitness day, so I made myself a filling breakfast with some fruit so I could get more carbs in. We went for a loooong bike ride, and then it happened: our pit stop. I ended up eating ice cream because it was so hot and I was so exhausted. Ugh. So close to the end, and I kind of messed up. Here’s to hoping that the 14-mile ride that day justified it! Of course when I got home my stomach was in knots, but I was able to fall asleep easily. (Sleep, however, was interrupted with charley-horses in both legs!)

Here are more photos:

Day 15

(Sorry for the darkness! I took them at night!)

And as a reminder…

Day 8

Day 1

Overall, I’m kind of feeling like a failure. I knew I should have packed some nuts and a dried banana for the trip in the event that there would be non-paleo-friendly food options at the pit stop. Even so, I doubt the ice cream hindered my progress; however, I still don’t see or notice any changes whatsoever to my body or mind. Sorry, detox… I just don’t get you. Onward we go, though! I’ll finish this thing out and move on!


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