Weekend Adventures

This weekend is Labor Day weekend here in the USA. I honestly haven’t a clue about why this holiday exists and what we’re supposed to actually do for it, other than get upset that summer is almost officially over. Boo.

To commemorate the end of summer, we’re doing something this weekend that we haven’t done in over a year: camping. As you read this, I’m actually in the woods doing outdoorsy things. Maybe I’m killing a rabbit with my bare hands… who knows? I write this stuff days before it’s posted and schedule them to show up on my blog when I’m too busy to do so live! Rest assured that there will be photos in due time.

Speaking of which, last weekend we had an adventure of another sort: biking and cliff-diving. Talk about badass, right? To clarify, we joined a group of local cyclists and rode our bikes around the city, stopping for a pit stop along the way, and ended our route at the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series!

It was the longest ride for both my boyfriend and myself, and we met some really cool people in the cycling group. The ride itself was fabulous and basically the same route as my solo ride the previous weekend, only farther and with a different end point.

I took a ton of photos, but here are the good ones in a fancy schmancy slide show for you guys!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With most of our weeks spent at work (usually plopped in a chair in front of a computer) the weekends are a savior. With this weekend being four days long for me, it’s damn near orgasmic. Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, my point is that we should all utilize our weekends for doing what we want. If you want to do nothing, do nothing; however, going out and about, stretching your legs, getting a good dose of Vitamin D from the sun, and seeing something new and different makes the crap during your work days totally worth it.

Loverboy was so, so right.

Have a safe… and fun, new, exciting, and adventurous holiday, USAmericans! (To the rest of you… make it an adventure as well!)


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