Roughing It

Last weekend, the boyfriend and I took advantage of the good weather and Labor Day holiday by going camping. Until 2010, the only time I’d gone real camping was when I was barely a year old. (I’m not counting when I was a kid and would have my dad pitch a tent in the back yard, fill up an air mattress, and run an extension cord so I could watch movies.) I ended up going camping with coworkers… in the winter… in freezing rain… and it kind of tainted something I thought I may end up enjoying.

Well, I finally got a clue when last summer I decided I’d like to give it another shot. Sure, my friends, boyfriend, and I camped in a summer thunderstorm and downpour for 3 days, but it was fantastic. I wasn’t freezing my ass off. They claim that they go in the winter because there are less animals and insects; however, I’d much rather deal with mosquitoes than have to chip my way out of my tent in the morning because the zipper is frozen shut from frozen rain.

This summer we kept saying how we needed to go camping, hiking, and biking more. In New England, winter starts whenever it feels like it, so we had to take advantage of the warmth and lack of snow while we could!

We had good food, hiked a LOT, and even gave mountain biking a try… until the rain started. It was sunny and warm for the first 30 hours we were at our campsite, and the moment we get on our bikes it begins to rain. Go freaking figure! By the time it was a downpour, we were halfway down a huge rocky hill, decided to turn around, and pushed our bikes up the huge rocky hill. We were exhausted and promptly napped for about an hour after getting back to our tent.

Yep, we felt pretty badass after that.

This was only the third time I’d ever been camping and it’s pretty fantastic. This is definitely a success in trying new things! Hopefully starting next year, we will go more often than once per summer season.

How often do you go camping? What mishaps have occurred and what tips do you have for newbies like myself?


2 thoughts on “Roughing It

    • We brought hot dogs, sausages, sliced veggies (green bell peppers and eggplant), Larabars, granola bars (for my boyfriend), apples, a stick of salami, marshmallows, nuts, and condiments (brown mustard and natural ketchup). Also – a huge jug of water!

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