A Wishlist of New Things

My birthday is in less than two months and, yes, I’m one of “those people” who are obnoxious and narcissistic enough to remind friends and family months, weeks, days, and hours before the big day. Hate me if you want, but that’s just how I roll.

I always enjoy getting friends and family creative presents, so I am always eager to see what people get me – whether it’s a creative card, an updated family photo of my nephews, or a pony. Whatever it is, I find that what someone buys me is an insight into the level/height of regard they have for me…

…or I’m just plain insane and love material things. Either or.

This year, like most others, I want things that are new to me. Isn’t that the point of life (and this blog)? New = interesting, and interesting = fun and enjoyable.

As it stands right now, my main birthday present will be something new, something glorious, and something I’ve wanted for a very very long time: attending my first professional football game!

I’ve always heard that it’s “an experience”… and a mix of good and bad.

I’ve heard that it’s generally chilly; however, this game will be the Giants/Cowboys at 1 in the afternoon in Texas. Chilly? Probably not!

I’ve heard that it’s crowded and crazy; but, is this any different than a baseball game or walking around New York City on any given day? Doubtful!

I’ve heard that it’s expensive. Well… yes… you’ve got me there. So, I’ve asked my family members to chip in for my game ticket, and they’ve come through! I have all but $5 paid for by those who love me, and that’s pretty awesome. My boyfriend will hopefully buy me a jersey as his gift to me before the game so I can attend in style like a true fan. (Hopefully Hakeem Nicks stays on the Giants roster for a while longer so the gift won’t be a waste beyond this season! *knocks on wood*)

But, what else shall be new? That’s pretty much all I’ll be getting as a gift for my birthday and that’s really all that I want; however, as I continue to strive to keep things interesting in my life, I have the urge to discover even newer things!

I’m going to start a list of 27 things I want to do while I’m 27, and each must fulfill the following rule: it must be something I’ve never done before. Time to start thinking!


One thought on “A Wishlist of New Things

  1. Looking forward to also being in Dallas. The last Giant game I attended was at Yankee Stadium many, many years ago. It was cold/snow, and the Giants lost.

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