Bike + Dine

One of the most fabulous things I’ve done in my 2 years of Cincinnati/Northern KY living was the “Queen City Bike + Dine” back in June.

Now, I’m not a cyclist by any means, but I have a certain friend who is such an enthusiast that not only does he race, but he is the co-founder of a local bike team. It was a lazy Saturday when all I had planned was to do laundry and lounge on the sofa. It was too hot for me to go for a run (or so I told myself) so staying in my shady, yet AC-free, apartment was definitely on my agenda…

…until said friend IMed me on Google asking if I was going to the Bike + Dine. “I’m not a good rider,” I told him; however, he reminded me how his girlfriend (who is also a friend of mine) isn’t a very strong cyclist either. Well, there went my excuse!

The guy behind me in the teal race gear is my aforementioned friend.

Next thing I knew, I was on my bike heading to downtown Cincy to meet up with the gang.

You’ll notice how the event is called Bike + Dine — it’s that last part that was the goal I had throughout the ride. Knowing that I’d be stopping for free food four times throughout the multi-hour ride and that there would be alcohol at the end (!!) kept my motivation going.

And I needed that motivation! The hills… oh, the hills! Much like my running skills, my cycling suffers when going uphill is part of the route. But, there was food!

Burrito from Lime Taqueria in Covington, KY

Thai from Siam Orchid in Bellevue, KY

Indian from Dusmesh Indian in Cincinnati.

Cupcake and alcoholic beverage when we finished!

Yes, my ass was hurting and my quads and glutes were worn out. Yes, I was exhausted. Yes, it was still too hot to run (just as I thought!), as well as too hot to bike.

But I did it, and I (might) do it again sometime! Trying new things can hurt sometimes, but it’s totally worth it… especially with foodie rewards.