Caramel: A Delicious Failure

I had some chicken soup in my Crock Pot, so with two hours to kill Saturday night, I decided to kill the time by doing yet another culinary experiment: caramel.

I’m not a chocolate-lover in the least (though I definitely enjoy it a little more than I used to, now that I’ve discovered high-quality chocolate!) but I love two things in place of the common chocoholism: marshmallows and caramel. I’ve failed at making marshmallows before… and maybe someday I’ll try to do it again… but I don’t think I’m ready to give it another go for a while.

Caramel. Seems easy enough, right? Sugar, sometimes water (if you do it the “wet” way), butter, and cream. I found a recipe online, which I won’t bother posting because I definitely don’t have good things to say about the way the steps were described.

The recipe was to yield one cup of caramel sauce.

Obviously this is not caramel sauce!

I’m not going to bother with a recipe because I honestly just winged it! In essence, I failed… but it resulted in something delicious: chewy vanilla caramel!

Next time I plan on using this recipe because I love this blogger, and her instructions and photos are a lot clearer. What helped me get through my mistakes on Saturday night was this recipe by the talented David Lebowitz. He’s possibly my culinary hero, as I’ve been following his blog for a while. If it wasn’t for his recipe, I’d have wasted an entire vanilla bean ($3.75!!!), 3/4 cup of cream, delicious high-quality butter, and 2 cups of organic sugar (not cheap!!!). Thank you, Mr. Lebowitz, for saving my caramel disaster and making it only a quasi-failure that was still edible (and delicious)!

Until next time…!