Obligatory Introduction

My friends, family, and boyfriend can all tell you the same thing: I love food. Only my parents and [especially] my boyfriend know the following: I am eclectic, indecisive, and have quite the potty mouth.

I’m combining all of these things into this blog. I’ve started who-knows how many blogs in the past 10 years, 5 of which have been created (and died) within the past 12 months. The subject matter I’ll mostly talk about will primarily be food, diet and wellness, with a little bit of life’s crazy antics thrown in. This time I’m blogging for me, for my friends, and for my boyfriend… and if you are none of the above, I hope you can handle juvenile humor and inconsistent updates, because although I can’t promise this blog will last more than a couple of months, I guarantee it will be all-over-the-place… just like me!