What’s a Girl to do at Buffalo Wild Wings?

I’m not vegan or even vegetarian, per se. I just don’t enjoy eating meat as much as I used to, so I make a good attempt to avoid it. Though easy for me, as I cook most of my food myself rather than eat out, there are some tricky situations that can arise.

My fantasy football draft was on Wednesday and was held at Buffalo Wild Wings. I’ve never been much of a wing fan (I have a huge problem with skin and visible fat on meat… bleck!) but any time I’d go I’d usually get boneless wings or chicken flatbread. So, last night as I enjoyed a Guinness with my coworkers as we made our picks, I eyed the menu for the first time since last season. To my surprise, they now have soft pretzels!

Sure, I could get a plain salad, but I don’t want to be “that person” who gets a salad at a wing joint! I ordered the pretzels and, much to my surprise, two other people in our group ordered them as well! The three pretzels came with spicy mustard and cheese. (The cheese was gross, so I just stuck with the mustard, which is my favorite anyway.)

Overall, the situation turned into a non-situation in the end. The pretzels were delicious and perfect if you’re looking to limit meat intake at a meat-centric place such as B-Dubs!