A Huge “Duh” Moment

You know when people give you the same advice over and over and over again, and you just think to yourself, “I KNOW ALREADY! GEEZ!”? That has always been me, so you’re not alone. (And if you honestly listen and implement every bit of advice you’re given, you are inhuman and should donate your brain to medical science.) But, one fateful day when I decided to give one piece of running advice a chance, I unfortunately showed myself that all of those people had been right all along. Continue reading

Too Much, Too Soon

This may be The Queen of Excuses talking, but I think I’ve done too much too soon with my running. In the back of my mind when I signed up for the Intermediate 10K Training Program, I thought it was a bit ambitious. Given that until I started “training” under that regimen, my longest run in the past 6 months was 2 miles; next thing I know, I have to run 4 miles, then 5 miles, then 4 miles again…!

Well, given that my Wednesday 5-miler was a fail (due to a number of reasons), having only run shy of 4 miles, I figured on Thursday I could just extend the scheduled 4-miler by one mile. Easy peasy!

Er… not…

Within the first half mile, my right hamstring was feeling strained. Then my right hip. Next thing I know, at 2.13 miles, I started to walk. I pretty much walked 70% of the way back home, finishing up at a mere 3.7-ish miles. Even after stretching and getting a good night’s rest, my hammy is still quite sensitive. Boo!

So, I’m switching to the Beginner 10K Training Program starting on 6 August. 1.5 miles, 1.5 miles, 2 miles in week one. Much more manageable! The longest run in the program is 10K (6.2 miles) which is on the last week (week 8).

Fail? I think not!

Learning to Run: Part Three

Here’s a quick re-cap before we begin part three: In Part One I was a blob who started (but never finished) the Couch to 5K running program to get my butt off the couch and, in the end, lost about 12 pounds in a matter of 2 months. I then moved to the Cincinnati area, which is where Part Two begins. After 3 months of laziness, beer-drinking, and socializing, I finally moved to California where the sunshine, lack of snow, and healthier feel of the state motivated me to get back on track (even if it did take 6 months to do so)! Unfortunately it’s time for me to move back to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area and bid farewell to the lovely, lovely state of California. Continue reading

Learning to Run: Part One

This is the start of a multi-part series, the length of which has yet to be determined, where I’ll be talking about the ups and downs (and more downs…) that led to my “learning” to run. Believe it or not, it’s more than just “left foot, right foot, repeat”! Let me make it clear that there are two kinds of runners: those who are born runners, and those who become runners. I’m definitely the latter, as I started my running regimen when I was very, very overweight and could barely run one minute without begging for death to take me!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s begin! Continue reading