I know, I know. I’ve skipped out on the last two weeks’ WIAW posts. Two Wednesdays ago I was in a training class all day and couldn’t take photos of anything because I was eating and learning simultaneously. (Multitasking is hard in a windowless room when you’re being lectured to!) Last Wednesday I had a Dentist appointment in the middle of the day and found it pretty pointless to just post my breakfast, my lunch that I ate on the car ride to the dentist, and the dinner I ate 6 hours later when I could finally feel my face again!

Well, here I am again! Back to WIAW mode!


Breakfast was muesli, coffee, and chocolate soy milk.

I had a morning snack of a really yummy chocolate-coconut granola bar, but I forgot to get a photo. 😩


Lunch was leftover Grown-Up Hamburger Helper. So, so yum.


My afternoon snack was a big handful of leftover home-roasted garlic pumpkin seeds.

Now, dinner was the highlight of yesterday. (See my contradictory, food-flirty ways of eating vegan all day, then eating a very non-vegan dinner! Haha.) We decided to try this barely month-old restaurant that is about 4 miles from our apartment: A Tavola.


Beer to start.



Crazy-good meatballs topped with goat cheese and salsa verde. For someone who hates tomatoes (including tomato sauce) I could’ve probably drank the rest of the sauce after the meatballs were gone!


Dinner itself was a pizza creation of our own: margarita pizza with crumbled sausage and fontina cheese. (If the boyfriend wasn’t with me, I’d have had one of the house specialties, like the one with roasted cauliflower or fig jam! Silly picky boy!) And that leftover sauce from the meatballs? You’d better believe we dunked our pizza crusts in that!


Dessert was the restaurants own home-made soft-serve gelato… salted caramel was the obvious choice!


Breakfast was yet another soy pumpkin spice latte with some oatmeal made with water, lots of Saigon cinnamon, some stevia, and a dash of sea salt.

I had some dehydrated apples for a morning snack, but I ate them too quickly to photograph!

Pad Thai lunch!
I went out to lunch with coworkers and got some tofu pad thai. Not authentic pad thai, but pretty good. I only ate half of the plate because it was so much food, but afterwards I had a scoop of ice cream (not pictured) so I was totally stuffed!

Huge freaking apple.
When I got home from work I had an apple. I was surprised that after my huge lunch I was hungry after all!

Well, I ended up making myself some awesome mashed cauliflower to go with leftover basmati rice, spinach, and sweet potatoes… but the photos I took of my dish got erased from my phone when it shut down on its own. Lame.

Well, this is WMBFA [what my boyfriend ate] for dinner:

Meat Loaf + Mashed Cauliflower

No dessert because I was so full!

I swear I’ll get better at this WIAW stuff!

What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW)

I follow a lot of awesome food blogs, health/wellness blogs, and other web sites and enjoy when they do “What I Ate Wednesday” posts. So, here’s my first!

On Wednesday 9/14/11 I enjoyed…

Fall officially begins when Pumpkin Spice Lattes return!
Starbucks soy pumpkin spice latte + “Two Moms in the Raw” blueberry granola bar (not pictured because I forgot!).

Soba noodles are amazing!
Lunch was cold soba noodles that I cooked last night and let marinate in the fridge all night and all morning in tamari soy sauce, minced garlic, and sesame oil. I topped it with some fresh basil.

Almond love!
Raw almonds for my afternoon snack, alongside a cup of coffee (not pictured because, again, I forgot!).

Creamy polenta with fresh basil (served with sautéed garlic spinach, not shown).

From-scratch vegan hot chocolate… check out this recipe I randomly thought of (because we are out of both dairy milk and non-dairy milk… whoops)!

Vegan Hot Chocolate
Serves two.

  • 1-1/4 cups water
  • 1/2 cup reduced fat coconut milk
  • 1/4 cup raw or turbinado sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 ounces semisweet chocolate (Ghirardelli semisweet bars are vegan)

Combine water, coconut milk, and vanilla in a small saucepan and heat on high until boiling. Add sugar and whisk until dissolved. Lower heat to medium-low and add chocolate, whisking until completely melted.

Pour in two mugs of your choosing, but beware: this stuff is molten hot and we needed to let ours cool for about 8 minutes before it was drinkable!